Water Filters

Go Green. Go Healthy. Save Money!

Switching from bottled water to home water filtration is one of the fastest, easiest and most impactful steps to live healthy, save money and protect the planet. Home water purification is by far the most economical, most convenient and most effective way of producing high quality, healthy water.

  • Home water filtration offers better quality water than bottled water
  • Home water filtration is 1/10th the cost of bottled.
  • Home water filtration is far more convenient, offering “Pure water on tap.”
  • Home water filtration is virtually pollution free.

Filtering out the chlorine, lead and other contaminants with a quality home water filtration system is the best way to know for sure about the quality of your drinking water.



In Toronto, at least 31,000 homes in the city still have lead water pipes, which can contaminate clean drinking water flowing from the city’s water treatment facilities before it reaches the tap.

Tap water in many areas of the city have had lead levels almost 10 times higher than the national recommended levels, that’s meant a new reliance on bottled water.

Until people install a water filter or their landlord changes the pipes the alternative is drinking water contaminated with lead.

The solution is an active carbon filter system connected to the cold water line.



Remember, your water filter wasn’t designed to last forever, but you can keep yours running smoothly for longer with proper maintenance and repairs as necessary. We carry a variety of water products to meet your needs. Contact us for details.